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MCS24 Pulse - Media Circulation Services 24

Issue 11 | April 2009


Dear Reader,

We hope you're not feeling the winter chill just yet...

In this issue of Pulse we're having a look at the AMPS results - it seems people are reading more magazines and newspapers than before. Good news for us.

Click here >> to read more on this.

We're also checking out the goings-on in the Media24 newspaper divisions - things are changing fast and we like to stay on top of change. For more on that,
read here >>. Also, some more good news - Huisgenoot-Tempo's Autumn Issue is out now and it promises to warm our circulation hearts with a huge increase in projected readership.

April is the month of Easter festivities - check out our
Events Diary for important dates and events. If you're going away - please take care on the roads.

We have some feedback for you regarding the employee satisfaction survey and we announce the winners of the prizes we had up for grabs.
Click here >> to see if you're a winner.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to attend the Information Sessions in March. It is encouraging to see an increase in attendance as well as participation. Although the questions posed aren't always easy, it is what's important to you, and therefore a priority for me. Should you prefer to not raise a question at the next information session, and want your identity to remain anonymous, please remember to send those questions to
Olivia Moyce and we'll address them at the next opportunity.

In the March edition of Pulse, we spoke about the Transformation Forum, its objectives and its current members. I haven't received any nominations to date for the additional 2 members we're looking for so please remember to submit nominations to
Olivia Moyce.

There is plenty more to read about what's kept us busy and what will be keeping us busy in the months to come so enjoy the read.....

We are always looking for ways to improve Pulse - to make it as useful, fun and interesting for you as possible. So please send us your feedback. What works for you? What doesn't? Send your suggestions to Joanne Peltz at

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap. Enjoy the month of April!

Best regards,

Andre van Tonder
General Manager






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Get to know the people around you. In the spotlight this month:
Tamara Dann



AMPS: Literacy, newspapers, internet up

The media consumption habits of South Africans have remained relatively stable.  

Surprisingly, though, newspaper and internet reach is up, according to the South African Advertising Research Foundation's (SAARF) All Media and Products Survey (AMPS). Results of the survey were released this week, showing that the reach of newspapers has increased from 46.8% to 48.6% and internet usage is up from 6.9% to 8.1%, when compared with the previous release, AMPS 2007B.




Media24: Who's in, who's out?

There has been a lot of movement in the newspaper divisions at Media24 in recent weeks.

Media24 has managed to limit the number of possible forced retrenchments among its Afrikaans newspaper editorial staff to a maximum of three individuals. Meanwhile, a number of senior appointments were recently announced.




Huisgenoot-Tempo's Autumn Issue sure to keep you warm

Good news! Huisgenoot-Tempo's Autumn Issue is now available countrywide.  

The first issue, which appeared in November 2008, flew off the shelves and readers haven't stopped asking for more of the same.
"For the Autumn Issue we increased the print run by 10 000 so readers wouldn't be disappointed," says Esmare Weideman, editor of Huisgenoot-Tempo.




3 April: School Holidays start in Eastern Cape, KZN, Northern Cape, Western Cape


10 April: Good Friday


4 to 11 April: KKNK (Klein Karoo Kunstefees)


13 April: Family Day


15 April: Schools reopen in all provinces


22 April: VOTING DAY! Public Holiday


27 April: Freedom Day

  april birthdays  
1   Fuzuyise Zulu 16   Cleford Huma
Mangaliso Nase

Javied Khan



Tshepo Makhatsane
Avril Prince
Latrecia Colville


Frederick Smit



Lizelda Greyling


Neil De Klerk



Gladwin Keppler
Julian Hendricks



Paul Nothnagel



Lucas Ngoma


Andre Brink
Nigel Lottering


Benson Mahloko

12   Khayalethu Mpangeva 23   Hester Jonker
Tailin Hael

Sylvia Nyathela


Christia Lerm Nel
Rochell Coetzee


Martin Matthysen


Christo Van Niekerk
Shaun Philander


Marcia Prince


Lucinda Hills



new appointments and transfers


Welcome to MCS24! Many of you have moved from Media24 Magazines and we hope you find your new office a place of interesting challenges. And for those of you who've joined us from other areas, a very warm welcome indeed! We look forward to working with you:

Vivian Magerman Admin Clerk Cape Town
Marelize Kotze Area Manager: Mpumalanga
Paul Schalkwyk Area Manager: PTA
Marina Jansen Publishing Assistant Johannesburg
Jaco Billing Production Manager
Denzil Laurie Publishing Assistant
Morne Boshoff Publishing Assistant
Gustav Conradie Product Manager
Steven Samuels Product Manager
Thys Geldenhuys Publishing Assistant





Our best wishes go with those of you who are leaving us. Although we're sad to see you go, we know that change is sometimes a necessity and hope that you succeed in all your endeavours. Good luck!

Nigel Lottering Markerter
Colette Redding Confirmations Clerk
Susan Nthite Sales clerk
Lizelle Pretorius Beeld in Onderwys Assistant
Warren Arendse Sales representative
Luvuyo Mavela Markerter
Estie du Toit Subscriptions Manager
Paul Birnbaum Area Manager


Portal to make Cycad info more accessible

Much thought has gone into making the Cycad's information more readily available and ultimately a portal came up tops. Users will find interesting and useful information there - from manuals to a glossary of terms. The idea is that users also contribute to the currency of the portal by submitting information via email.

The Cycad Portal is intended to leverage business insight on all levels creating an environment where users can learn from one another. This in turn will strengthen Cycad's value to its users.
In order to stay informed about what's happening with CYCAD go and check it out here >>

!!! WINNERS !!! of the Employee Satisfaction Survey

Thank you to all of you that took the time to participate in the most recent Employee Satisfaction survey.

We are still waiting for the final results so we'll let you know how MCS24's participation has improved. We'll announce that as soon as we get it.
We offered 10 lucky draw prizes to reward participation - our winners are as follows:


Nolan Adams
Apollo Bomvana
Zuhra Davids
Maxhoba Gwanya
Hester Johnson

Brenda Meintjies
Jennifer Pretorius
Evan Sedres
Clifford Van Heerden
Janice Williams

Congrats! We hope you enjoy your prizes.




Son launches in the Eastern Cape

Son has gone daily in the Eastern Cape! Previously the paper appeared only weekly, but steps were taken to increase its frequency to align with its equivalent in the Western Cape.

From the 1st of March, Son appears Monday to Friday and the initial results have been very positive.

Circulation has gone from 12,670 in the first week to 15,365 in the third week of March.

We hope this trend continues!

Click on the images to enlarge




Pampoenfees ups Beeld subscriptions

Beeld had a promotion running for subscribers at the Pampoenfees, held at the Pioneers Museum in Pretoria on Saturday 21st March. Subscribers were able to subscribe to Beeld and get 40% discount on a Huisgenoot subscription. 19 new subs were acquired.

Click on image to enlarge






ABSA makes life easier for MCS24 fleet users with the BP Fuelmaster

All the vehicles in the MCS24 fleet were fitted with BP Fuel master units. These units work in conjunction with BP and ABSA bank to charge all fuel transactions to the account of MCS24.

It's safer for our members of staff as we no longer need to carry fuel cards with us, and it's an easy and convenient way of controlling the enormous cost of fuel in the company.
This is the first step of many that will be taken to control the cost of operating the fleet inside MCS24.

Click on image to enlarge




Early bird catches the worm... call centres now open from 5am

Some clients wake up with the birds!

Our call centres have changed their operating hours so as to deliver a superior service to our subscribers and answer their needs! We are now operating from 05:00 to 17:00.

Believe it or not, clients are awake and phoning in that early.




Mingling at 10am in the Western Cape

JELTYD brings employees closer together.

MCS24 Western Cape had a tradition of having a monthly "Brighten up my day" where they all chose a colour to wear for the day and the whole office would come to work in the chosen colour.
This has been replaced with JELTYD where they all get together on a Thursday at 10am and just mingle! The different Culture of Excellence teams each get a chance to do a play or provide some form of entertainment for the day! Here you can see photos of the latest theme - MCS24 Love Forest...

Some interesting news about MCS24 WC's personnel:

- Clint Ockhuis became a proud father!
- Jennifer Pretorius became an Ouma
- Leoni Volschenk braved the Argus!

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Tamara Dann Birthday: 22 November


I am a call centre agent here at MCS24



I love interacting with the subscribers and my colleagues.


What did you do before MCS24?



Where did you GO TO SCHOOL?


Last year I was a missionary at the Lighthouse Ministries in Parow.



I attended Monument Park High school in Kraaifontein.







I stay with my mother and 2 brothers. My parents got divorced in 2001. My dad stays in the UK. My mother is involved in church ministry and I am encouraged by the way she has lived her life. I am following in her footsteps concerning ministry.



My main goal is to make a difference in poverty stricken areas. I would love to get more involved with underprivileged children and children affected and infected with the AIDS virus.

I would also love to assist with literacy programs. When people are educated they will realize there is a better life outside their poverty stricken lifestyle and mentality.

I would like to have enough money to make a difference in other people's lives.

I would like to be an employer, employing young vibrant people.

I would like to further my studies.

My main goal is to live a pure and pleasing life to God!





I am extremely adventurous! I love the outdoors. Travelling is my fetish! I love people, children, dancing and reading.





My favourite food is Mexican! I love pizza and spaghetti.


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